<<< Essential Rewards >>>

Essential Rewards is a super cool and totally optional program, this acts as a “monthly box” that you can customize and gets shipped to you every month.


It’s so flexible - you can change your ship date, and the products you add every month. Need it sooner? Easy. Need to later? No problem. You will  love being able to customize exactly what comes to you each month based on your family’s needs. The best part about this.... You will earn 10-25% back on every order. 

To earn points back on Essential Rewards, just order a minimum of 50pv a month.

Then start getting rewarded for keeping your family healthy.

It's the best way to get clean, safe, and effective essential oil infused products into your home, at the best value possible!

How to get going: hop over to www.youngliving.com, log in, click Essential Rewards and follow the prompts.


Did you realized that all the things you are already buying....

+ toothpaste

+ hand soap

+ lotion

+ laundry detergent

+ vitamines 

+ granola and bars

+ skincare 

+ beauty

+ cough drops

+ supplements

+ pancake mix



Except they are way healthier for you, filled with the goodness, safe ingredients - the ones you can pronounce - and saves you money in the end. 

We call this transfer spending, because there is no need to spend MORE money- on what you are already spending. it's just in a different place- on the things that are way better for you and your family. So simple + smart. 

Transfer spending is for EVERYONE. It's making the choice to do better, now that we know better. Right?!

Of all the health changes to make- this is the MOST IMPORTANT- Kick “fragrance” to the curb

When you see "fragrance" on a personal care product's label, just read it as "hidden chemicals." Why should you care? This is a major loophole in the FDA's federal law that allows manufacturers to include nearly ANY ingredient (even toxic ones) in their products under the name ‘fragrance’ without ACTUALLY LISTING the chemical. 

Scary fact: 
Many ingredients in "Fragrances" are KNOWN carcinogens as well as endocrine and reproductive disrupters (decreased sperm counts, birth defects, hormone disruption) and these 'fragrances' may also contribute to kidney and liver damage. Oh, and are you or your child an asthma sufferer? Google the link between asthma and synthetic fragrance.

We all just want the best for our families, and this kind of deception makes me so sad for the millions of men and women who think they are buying safe "clean" products and emptying their pockets to do so! So let's ditch and switch them now- and opt for a safe, clean, effective plant based product that shows up at your door monthly.



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